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The City of Fayetteville believes that litter-free streets, parks and public areas are essential to the beauty and appeal of our community.  To improve the appearance of Fayetteville, and to encourage community involvement, the Fayetteville Adopt-A-Street and Adopt-A-Site Programs have been established.  Our purpose in this is to reduce litter on the major and minor thoroughfares of Fayetteville by means of a cooperative program that combines volunteer and assistance with municipal resources.  We thank you for your interest in this program.

We ask that you take serious consideration in the commitment that is involved while researching adoption of an area. We ask that you remain committed for a full year in order to adopt.

There are several requirements for the adoption process.

We ask you to adopt a minimum of two miles of roadway.  This does not mean that a single road has to be two miles long.  We encourage adopting several streets to meet this requirement.  We limit the adoption of streets to major and minor thoroughfares.  This includes entrances to neighborhoods and connector streets in neighborhoods.  Some major roads are not available for adoption through the City of Fayetteville, however these roads may be available through North Carolina Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway(s).

We allow adopting parks and green spaces that are owned and maintained by the City of Fayetteville.  The City of Fayetteville has over 56 parks and green spaces and many are available for adoption.

Your organization or business will be responsible for picking up litter and debris six times per year.  Each time a pick up is made it is important to follow the safety guidelines and procedures for reporting the pick ups.

It is preferred that the organization president or business manager be the contact person or coordinator for the adoption process.  It is important to inform us of any changes in your organization officers after each election.

To request an application or for more information on the Adopt-A-Street & Adopt-A-Site program please call our office at 910-433-1587 or you can e-mail us at  You may also click on any of the links above to get any forms that you may need.  They can be returned to us by e-mail, fax to 910-433-1102, or delivered to 280 Lamon Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301, attention Business Manager.


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