Concession and Vendor Guidelines

Concession and Vendor Guidelines Brochure

As a service to the public, Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Recreation Department provides concessions at various activities such as youth and adult regular season/tournament games, weekend tournaments, special events, recreation center programs or rentals. While not a mandatory service, providing food and drink to the public is mutually beneficial to spectators, vendors and FCPR. Procedures should be followed in order to protect the City of Fayetteville and FCPR from liability by ensuring vendors provide quality food and drink, as well as to collect revenues in return for the opportunity to sell on city or county property.

All vendors must be approved before providing concessions to the public

Each facility is responsible to oversee the concessions policy/procedure, approve vendors and update the Approved Vendor list

Athletics staff is responsible for the concessions in those areas not located at a recreation center or park or for renters wishing to provide their own concessions

Once a vendor is approved his/her information is placed on the Approved Vendors spreadsheet located on the COF shared drive: Recreation: Concessions, Vendors: Approved Vendor List

When a vendor is needed for a sports season, special event or activity, staff can contact a vendor from the Approved list and complete a service contract found on the shared drive or enter into a service agreement with a new vendor

Before a new vendor is contracted the following steps should be taken (found in the Concession and Vendor Guidelines brochure):
-A letter of interest and informal bid must be submitted
-If a vendor is interested in providing concessions for special events or would like to be placed on the overall Approved list the letter of interest/informal bid can be sent to the Business Manager
-Vendor must be able to provide insurance in the amounts listed in the Concession and Vendor Guidelines
-Vendor must meet all Cumberland County Health Department guidelines to include health permits
-If operating within the Fayetteville city limits, the vendor must obtain a "Privilege license" as required by the City of Fayetteville

Once these steps are completed the vendor will be placed on the Approved Vendor list and can be contracted when and if needed

Staff is responsible to collect concession fees no later than the 10th day of month or after a special event. Vendors must provide sales receipts and complete the Weekly Vendor Report

Vendor must keep the concession building and/or grounds clean and free of litter that is generated by concession sales

Anyone who rents a facility can provide concessions at their activity, even if a vendor is under contract for that location.
-The renter's concession fee is $50 per field/facility per day and must be collected at the same time as the rental fee is paid
-All requirements remain the same as a contracted vendor and include 
     -the same amount of insurance
     -following health department guidelines/health permits to include types of foods sold 
     -responsible to collect litter generated by concessions

The service agreement can be severed if the vendor or renter does not meet or follow the guidelines


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